Corin Wagen

photo by Julia Monaco


I'm the founder and CEO of Rowan, a startup building modern computational tools for chemistry. Briefly, we're working on making molecular simulation software that "gets out of the way" and allows scientists to focus on their research. If you're interested in using Rowan (or helping to build it), let me know!

Apart from Rowan, I like thinking critically about scientific institutions, progress, and books. I write about these things on my blog, which you can also follow on Substack.

From 2019 to 2023, I was a graduate student in the Jacobsen group at Harvard, where I studied the development and mechanism of selective organocatalytic reactions. My thesis defense can be viewed on Youtube. (I was also part of the inaugural class of UATX Polaris Fellows.)

From 2016 to 2019, I was an undergraduate at MIT, where I majored in chemistry and studied the design of new phosphine ligands for Pd-catalyzed C–F coupling in the Buchwald group.


Generality in Asymmetric Catalysis

comparison of SFC-UV and SFC-MS

Investigating Reaction Mechanism

summary of Prins project

Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics

radial distribution function of toluene about an oxonium ion

Software Development

some python code


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